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What’s a good story machine for children?

1, false early development story machine claimed that there are hundreds of stories, but dare not inform the capacity of the storage, even if the notification can not be found. Real MP3 story machines are for download updates, which means that CPU must support the USB protocol, while supporting MP3 hard decoding, and some high-end machines also support WMA format. True story machine is a card fixed on the motherboard, memory can not be expanded. The other is the replacement of the FLASH flash memory, the mainstream is the TF card, can be expanded.
2, from the story machine button, the children’s story machine button is big, because children’s fine movements and adults vary. Two is the remote control, must mark clearly, lets the child do not look at the instruction manual to know how to use.
3, from the appearance and process of view, environmental health is an important feature of children’s story machine. Qualified children’s story machine, the use of environmentally friendly ABS primary color material, without sharp edges and corners design. Strictly protect the healthy growth of your baby. Children’s story machine with a color screen, although able to attract the attention of the baby, but the function is complex, the baby to know how to operate, but if the baby a long time to see the color screen, the baby will damage the eyes.
4, from the sound of early childhood story machine, the baby’s feeling of sound is particularly important, perhaps mothers are very clear about this. But not the louder the better, but the clearer the better, the clear voice can guide the baby’s correct pronunciation.

Feature of story machine

Because the story machine is used by young children, its security is the most concerned about the parents. Therefore, the story machine products need to pay attention to 3 points in the selection.
Safe, 1 story machine, because the story machine was used by children, they often hold eating machine if the story surface spray paint, the children eating will appear after the poisoning, thereby endangering the safety of the children.
2, the story machine solid ruggedness, children have a certain ability, if the story machine does not have a strong impact, damage in the accident will fall, you can not continue to use, it will lose the meaning of existence.
Non traumatic, 3 story machine: machine because the story was used by children, so the story machine must be free of water chestnut design, so in children holding the play when it won’t scratch and scratch, in order to protect the safety of infants.

Types of story machines

There are four kinds of story machines in the market. They are Chinese story teller, projection story machine, learning story machine and children MP3 story machine. They are the same function can play songs, stories, poems, Ancient Chinese Literature Search etc., to develop children’s use of method of ear with head of brain potentials, to instill knowledge and learning content of children.

What is a story machine?

The story machine is a new digital preschool education product. It is the product of the combination of early repeat player and MP3 player. Its circuit is composed of operation buttons and microprocessor controlled voice circuits. It has a unique quality of children, MP3, allows the baby to enjoy music, listen to stories, learn English, learn common sense, and help children develop language skills, imagination and musical ability.

Early childhood machine brand list

Genius (Guangdong genius Technology Co. Ltd.)
(400-700-8838, BBK’s focus on education, Chinese children market the development of innovative products, leading children’s electronic products provider, Guangdong genius Technology Co. Ltd.)
EN Hongen (Beijing Hongen education Polytron Technologies Inc)
(0755-23003696, a leading digital content and education professional electronic products research and development company, the story machine / pen / child robot and other products in the industry famous, Beijing human education Polytron Technologies Inc)
Little cloth bites (Zhejiang small cloth bite animation culture Limited by Share Ltd)
(400-628-4928, earlier in the country engaged in children’s age / early childhood machine / child mp3/, children’s point reading machine development of professional brand, early childhood machine ten big brands, Zhejiang small cloth bite animation culture Limited by Share Ltd)
He ubbie (Yang Yang, culture media, Limited by Share Ltd)
(400-0526655400-0398877, early childhood story machine, industry well-known brand, a large enterprise focused on the media and entertainment industry in the field of children and families, Yang Yang, cultural media, Limited by Share Ltd)
Cassidy (Zhongshan XIAOBAWANG Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.)
(0760-88803688, in 1987, the research and development of professional education / electronic products production and sales of electronic education industry well-known brands, Zhongshan XIAOBAWANG Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.)
Newman Newsmy (Hunan Newman Digital Technology Co., Ltd.)
(400-810-19890731-82086999, in 1996, Beijing city famous trademark, a set of digital product / car DVD navigation / mobile storage / automotive electronics business as one of the high-tech enterprises, Hunan Newman Digital Technology Co., Ltd.)
Rice rabbit (millet science and technology limited liability company)
(400-100-5678) the intelligent story machine developed by the Nanjing machinery Island Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., a popular digital product for children on the Internet
Music source LOYE (Shenzhen Le source industrial Limited by Share Ltd)
(400-893-0618, early childhood machine ten brands, specializing in photoelectric display / intelligent early education, /VR and other new intelligent products R & D / production and sales of high-tech enterprises, Shenzhen Le source industrial Limited by Share Ltd)
Story light FlashStory (Foshan Tian Yi Culture Communication Co., Ltd.)
(020-8636957386377515) introduce the sound picture book for children’s learning and entertainment, the content of early childhood projector, the enterprise devoted to the development of children’s entertainment, education and audio-visual products, Foshan Tian Yi Culture Communication Co., Ltd.
Fire rabbit (Shenzhen joy daily necessities Co., Ltd.)
(0755-8304534586950838) focused on children’s early childhood education, digital product development and sales enterprises, a well-known network of influential story machine brand, Shenzhen joy daily necessities Co., Ltd.

Which brand is good for early childhood education

Early childhood education is an educational electronic product specially designed for early childhood education and children’s interest in learning. All-round training of children’s learning ability. At the same time, with human-computer interaction, additional answer, encouraging answer, intelligent scoring function, to help children develop learning interest, development potential. Consumers in the choice, there will be a lot of doubt, which brand early childhood machine good? What brand of early childhood machine is good? Which areas are the most popular in the early childhood machine brand? Where produces the early childhood machine to be better? What are the brands of early childhood education, such as big brand, famous brand, provincial brand and so on? In order to early market to consumers to provide truthful and accurate information industry brand, the following is CNPP to provide data support, early ten brands list for your website statistics and relevant brand recommendation, for your reference.

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